With a Vehicle Protection Network safety package. Do it all from your Smartphone, iPad or Computer. Immobiliser Setting, GEO Fencing (invisible Fence) Unplugged or Disconnected Alarm, Your Code only 24/7 Emergency Helpline, Find Fast in 60 seconds. Maps back to phone, iPad or Computer still tracks if disconnected, password protected. Set and forget!

Australian Designed, Engineered, Approved and Complianced. Hi-tech, Lo-Cost and Fast Find!

Over 1,100 Motor Vehicles are stolen each week around Australia and used as toys and tools by Joyriders, Ramraiders or to commit crimes of various severity from robbery to even murder.

In this high tech world, with the Police Forces seemingly unable to stem the rising tide of car jackings, general theft of motor vehicles for stripping for the sale of parts, or just a hoons good night out, to steal and wreck someone’s pride and joy, or to use for more sinister purposes.

We think it’s about time someone gave the police forces of Australia a helping hand, to finally be able to TRACK, LOCATE, RECOVER UNDAMAGED and ARREST, within minutes before the intended purpose is achieved.

We are asking you to help us, help your clients protect themselves, their families and their vehicles in the event they become victims in the rising tide of crime that usually starts with the stealing of someone else’s pride and joy.

The secret to achieving this goal is in the pricing of the device.

Low cost, high tech, fast find, instant installation, at a price no one has thought possible until now!!