WilloW RV Profile | Caravan World

Enterprising expats and Willow RV co-founders Eddie Wills and Ian Jow understand your average Aussie overlander. Although racking up at least a decade of experience in local RV manufacture each, the two bring outsider perspectives, initially establishing their careers in South Africa and the UK respectively.

Eddie says Aussies travel greater distances compared to South African campers who stay at one destination for three weeks at a time, predominantly dining outdoors. But in Australia, cold snaps factor into our climatic extremes driving campers indoors.

“Australians [comparably] spend a lot of time in their caravans. Our interiors need to be as tough as our exteriors,” Eddie explains.

Sharp observations like these have helped shape the burgeoning Willow RV range, which currently includes four and six-berth camper trailers in the Acacia line, Conifer 500 series single-axle vans, to the 22ft luxury long-term full-height tourers including slide-out options in the Conifer 600 series range.

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